DIY Tarp and Bug net

This is a Tarp in silicone coated nylon 1.1oz and a no-see-um Bug Net. They can be used together or separate.


  • Materials : 30D Silicone coated Nylon (Tarp) and No-see-um Mesh (Bug net)
  • 14 ft x 10 ft size
  • Mesh walls 7 feet height
  • 8″ of Silnylon at the bottom for durability and anchoring (with gear or pebbles for example).
  • Webbing loops at the lower edge for stakes anchoring.
  • Reinforcement patch at each corner and tie out with metal D-Ring for more strength.
  • The Bug net attaches quickly to the Tarp by connecting side release buckles on each corner of the roof.
  • Vertical zipper door entry at one corner.
  • Compression stuff sack (16 »x7 ») for the Bug net and stuff sack (10 »x4 ») for the Tarp.

Tarp bug out


  • 9 Yds Silnylon 1.1oz or 1.9oz
  • 0,5 Yd Oxford Coated Nylon 200D
  • 6 D-rings 3/4″
  • 6 Apex buckles 3/4″
  • 8,5 Yds Gros-grain 5/8″

Tarp Silnylon

1) Ridgeline Sew

Couture A Tarp

2) Apply reinforcement patches in all corners and maintain them with 3 seams.

Then, sew all the gros-grain around the tarp.

Couture Tarp B

Couture B

3) Sew the ties-out.


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